Monday, November 16, 2009

Titus 77 Titomatic part 1

Titus, an underdog Swiss watch but worth to collect for the affordable price.....
This is one of my collections of Titus 77.

Ok, cut the crap. Let's get on the watch as you could see the history in the article section.
On the silver-part aging dial it's written TITUS-Titomatic Jetpower super, 77 jewels and also with cross hair & the star.
I couldn't understand the meaning of Titomatic and Jetpower super? While another watch-Titoni claimed "Airmaster" ??
As I already explained in Titoni 77, this Titus also has 77 jewels which not all jewels have function as the "worker" but mostly as accessories just to show that the watch has so many jewels, he...he...

Anyway, the watch still have original domed plastic/mica glass with inner magnifier for date, spears hands, spears and bars index. Based on those criteria the watch was produced ca. 1950-60s.
Since produced at that time so doesn't have the hacking system for changing the date.
I should be patiently turn the hands 24 hours to change the date :D

Although, on the dial the brand shows TITUS but on the machine printed "Solvil et Titus", again don't know why??
The pic not from my watch, I'll update the machine from mine...

The watch is still in good condition and runs very very good.....

I have another one and will update soon....

Titus 77, Titomatic Jetpower Super
Silver dial with cross hair
Movement Titomatic/Automatic, 77 jewels
Dia. 35mm and 37mm(w/crown), circa 1950-60s
Lug to lug: 42mm, will update
Power reserve: +/- 47 hours (Good reserve !!) and keeping the good time!

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