Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tag Heuer 2000 Automatic

This is one of my grail watch.

Ca. 94-95 when I was in high school, I already like the shape of Tag Heuer especially its logo, maybe under my unconscious thought I like it coz the same like the logo "5" in Seiko.

Brand Tag Heuer was crossed in my mind first then I learned that it came from the Heuer.

Anyway, after waiting for almost 15 years coz of the price and everything...
At last, this year I get the watch although a used one but I'm happy that one of my grail is reached.The previous owner, I thought a kind of neat-ty person, the watch almost in mint condition.
Just the bezel which the gold plated already detached some... but the others seem in perfect...
Even the machine..

This Tag is a boy size, my wrist is not big and the shape perfectly match on my wrist also with the jubile chain. Hmm.... I like it.

Based on my observation, most of the radium on Tag watches is easily aged not like other watch.
Like my watch the radium on its hands not working anymore and almost loosen....

Made me think... coz my other grail is Tag Aquaracer in blue dial....
Tag Heuer, automatic
Sapphire crystal
Creme dial with gold hands
Movement cal. 1.92 , 25 jewels
Dia. 35mm and 38mm(w/crown), circa 2000
Lug to lug: 40mm
Power reserve: +/- 35 hours