Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mido Commander ca. 1990s

Hello again....

Now, I want to share my other Swiss watch.

Mido Commander, I felt that this watch has the taste of Rolex style.
This watch was from my uncle and given to my father.
While my father is not like a kind of watch maniac, so I take it by force, he...he.. :))

All parts are still in orginal, except the bracelet. Coz, already broke and I used Seiko one, hmm... the same hah ??
The case, and plastic mica glass have never been polished. So, it shows scratches here and there...
I like the watch which has day and date like this one. And since its new watch so the day date already had hacking system.I don't have the pic of the movement of this watch as the watch opened thru glass... And I haven't had the knowledge to open thru glass yet....
So, I don't know the movement of this automatic machine. Anyone?

Mido Commander, Automatic
Silver dial
Movement 8259??
Dia. 37mm and 38mm(w/crown), circa 1900s
Lug to lug : 42mm
Power reserve: +/- ?? hours, not yet tested..