Thursday, April 25, 2013

[Sold] Seikomatic cal.603(Seikosha) ca. 62

It seems the fund for grail ones still in-adequate so here's another one from my private collection rarely worn since the first purchasing, around 2 times only.

It's very hard to find the reference for this watch as the movement still using "Seikosha" before Seiko.

Here what I found from:,+case+back+information

The logo from 1962 as the “athlete dolphin
The reverse side cover of 20 stone waterproof models, in the metal band it seems that the “dolphin mark” is for the first time adopted.
Because (it is the matic first waterproof side product, the proper?)

After that until it moves to reverse side cover hallmark “SEIKO” in around 1967, the dolphin mark had been attached to the reverse side cover of the SEIKO matic waterproof product.
The same “dolphin mark” is seen even in the “sport matic”, but this with like equality design, seems that is not the variation of dolphin design.

Reverse side cover picture
The seiko matic 20 stone
1962 March

It is thought as the first dolphin mark equipped product of the SEIKO matic. When observing at that the dolphin mark has entered into also the clasp part of the original metal band, there was “small impression”

Below is the actual pics of mine.

Seikomatic, Seikosha movement, 20jewels, automatic, keeping the good time, unpolished crystal and case.
Head only, dial has 360' mark due to the previous owner over pushed the hands.
New aftermarket leather.

Asking price: IDR sold,-
Call/sms: 021-70311998

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

[Sold] G Shock Black Force GW-1210BJ

And for sale again one of my private collections to pursue another grail watches.
I luv it especially the blue led.

Let the pics talk itself.....  :(

Blue LED!

 Wrist shoot


G-Shock, tough solar, wave receptor, WR 20bar, good condition.
 Head only, for manual book pls see:
Asking price: IDR sold,-
Call/sms: 021-70311998