Tuesday, January 25, 2011

[SOLD] Casio Wrist Camera-WQV10D-2

Above pic taken from the web.

And below are the actual pics....

Standard display
Various display..

Photo result
Equipments... even still having the factory sticker... :P

Well, I'm not a seller but sometimes sacrifice has to be done as one of the grail will come...

Asking Price: Sold, thx to Mr. Keee....

Features & Specification:
* Recording system : JPEG
* Storage medium : Built in Memory (1MB)
* Memory capacity : Up to approximately 100 (actual capacity depends on JPEG compression ratio).
* Imaging element : 1/14 - inch colour CMOS sensor (Pixel Yield : 25,344: Total Pixels : 28,000)
* Lens : f/2.8 fixed, f = 1.1mm
* Focal distance : 30cm+
* Light metering : full screen average
* Exposure control : ALC (light control)
* Shutter type : digital
* Shutter speed : 1/5.5 to 1/1660 second (auto)
* Stored image size : QCIF (176 X 144 pixels), full colour
* Monitor : 6,240 dots (78 x 80), 4096 colours, size : 20mm x 20 mm
* Recording modes : normal; lighting mode selection (outdoor, indoor, dusk)
* Timer (2,5 or 10 seconds)
* Adjustable brightness
* 2 x digital zoom
* Infrared communication : watch - computer, watch - watch
* Data communication speed : 115,200bps maximum
* Battery : one CR-2032 lithium battery.
* Approximate battery life : 6 months (basic timekeeping with 20 seconds of alarm per day); 4 months (1 minute of image recording per day with 20 seconds of alarm per day). Battery life is shortened by frequent use of recording and data communication functions

the good: all features work properly, full bracelet link, manual, box, even factory sticker :P
the bad: dings and dangs due to normal wearing

Thursday, January 13, 2011

[Sold] Molnija Hunter Pocket Watch cal.3602

Again, regretful sale my one of the first Russian/Soviet pocket watch with hunter model and artistic motif on the back and front.
All in original parts except no bracelet.
This pocket watch was purchased from Hungary.

The condition is near mint. Please see the pics and judge yourself.

Asking Price: IDR sold, thx to mr. nikolay.....
Call/SMS : +6221-70311998

Molnija, made in Soviet Union(SU?)/Russia?
Accrylic crystal, unpolished near smooth... no cracks
The case unpolished and with little dings-dangs here-there
Silver blue gradation dial with roman number
Movement manual wound, cal. 3602 , 18 jewels
All hands, crown, and machine all in original parts with sub second on the 9 o'clock.
Dia. 50mm and 60mm(w/crown), circa 70-80s, maybe??
Power reserve: +/- ?? haven't counted will inform and keeping the good time

The Bad:
dings n dangs on the case and no original bracelet

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[Sold] Poljot Chronograph cal.3133

It's hard to take a photo of domed crystal coz it catches more light than the flat crystal.
Hmmm, for sale is my only and first Russian watch. A little bit sad coz I got this from my friend with reasonable value. But have to let it go for greater goods... :D

Asking Price: IDR sold, thanks to Tasik....
Call/SMS : +6221-70311998

Poljot Chronograph, made in Russia
Accrylic domed crystal, unpolished with dings-dangs here n there... no cracks
The case already re-chromed based from previous owner but with more than average quality
Black dial with arabic number and yellow gold printng
The legendary Russian's movement, cal. 3133 , 23 jewels
All hands, crown, and machine all in original parts with yellow gold.
Dia. 38mm and 42mm(w/crown), circa ?? don't know
Lug to lug: 44mm
Power reserve: +/- 57hours, long reserve for this manual wound and keeping the good time
No quickset for this watch, the date changes properly.

The Bad:
dings n dangs on the glass and re-chromed case