Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Titoni 77 Airmaster-Gold Plated

Hello All,

We meet again...
It's been a while and today I urge my time to upload one of my collections.
Let's started...

Titoni, one of the most branded Swiss watch.
As you can see the model is Titoni Airmaster, the dial is black with smoothed circled lines(the color tends to very very light brown, maybe coz of the aging??).
The date is using red color.

Although the watch from 1970s but it moves ok and keeps the good time.
Still using the original crown and plastic/mica cover with inner magnifier to read the date, it has slight crack but you couldn't notice it, could you?

I know, maybe some of you compare it with Titus77(I'll upload soon..), maybe at that time the jewels represent the prestige of the watch but actually only 17-25jewels operated.
After most of the watches put more jewels with less function during that time the Swiss watch association(I don't know the exact name), forbid the usage of unnecessary jewels.
As you can see current watch, even the high-end class do not use as many jewels as this (Titoni77/Titus77).

Also, compares to Titus77, Titoni overs 1 advantage which is using additional 18K gold plated on the case back. Usually this gold plated already removed coz of the value rather than the watch itself :((.

Titoni 77, Airmaster
Pie Pan dial
Movement ETA 2452, Rotomatic/Automatic, 77 jewels
Dia. 34mm and 36mm(w/crown), circa 1970s
SN: 347-345
Power reserve: +/- 42 hours (Good reserve !!) and keeping the good time!

hmmmm.... interested...?? ;-)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hi All,

Thanks for visiting my web.
I know.... I only uploaded just 2, 1 was for my collection and the other for sold watch.
Soon... I'll upload all of my collections. Since I'm a working person so my free time only on Saturday & Sunday to upload.

Just wait and I'll share my collections......

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tin Toys -Ice Cream

This is my others boys toys.....
I know is a bit out of the context to post this toy but hey... the machine is operated using mechanical power and spring...

I don't know when this was made?? Maybe around 30 years before (ca. 1970-1980).
It was made by PRC(People's Republic of China), I know maybe some of you is skeptic about product of China.

But frankly said, during that time the quality was beyond current period.
As you could see the toy already 30 years but only small rust appeared and it runs in good condition with the bell sound. kring.....kring.....kring.....

Since I didn't play this toy in the past, so it's never too late to start over what I've missed. :-))
Hope you enjoy it....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

TITUS, Pocket Watch ca. 70

Today, it's my first time to upload one of my collection.

And one of it is Titus Pocket Watch, I had this watch fro
m my father and maybe he got it from his father too.

I had some difficulties when taking pics of the pocket watch because the dial and the plastic-glass was reflecting the sunlight and also I was using camera phone. At last, not 100%! But, it's ok right?

The pocket watch is hand wound and still in great shape, no rust! Unfortunately I only had the watch minus the original chain :((.

The dial is in silver with smooth lining pattern, 42mm, 44mm with the crown, the hands consist only for hour and minute, the index using roman numbers, and there are 17 jewels inside that mechanical pocket watch.
And I don't know whether the crown still original or not? But it looks original to me.

Also I don't know when was the pocket watch made? Anyone? It's from 70s, thx ro chezz..

Hope you enjoy it.
This is my private collection.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

[Sold] Wenger Field Grenadier-Sold

Purchased on Dec 09, 2008. Wenger Field Grenadier, quartz movement, type 72965W, with date on 3 o'clock.
The leather straps have never been used , still NOS. Case back has some scratches due to daily usage.
Diameter 40mm, good condition, full set with box and paper.
Price: SOLD.