Sunday, October 11, 2009

TITUS, Pocket Watch ca. 70

Today, it's my first time to upload one of my collection.

And one of it is Titus Pocket Watch, I had this watch fro
m my father and maybe he got it from his father too.

I had some difficulties when taking pics of the pocket watch because the dial and the plastic-glass was reflecting the sunlight and also I was using camera phone. At last, not 100%! But, it's ok right?

The pocket watch is hand wound and still in great shape, no rust! Unfortunately I only had the watch minus the original chain :((.

The dial is in silver with smooth lining pattern, 42mm, 44mm with the crown, the hands consist only for hour and minute, the index using roman numbers, and there are 17 jewels inside that mechanical pocket watch.
And I don't know whether the crown still original or not? But it looks original to me.

Also I don't know when was the pocket watch made? Anyone? It's from 70s, thx ro chezz..

Hope you enjoy it.
This is my private collection.

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  1. Titus Swiss 17 Jewels Vintage Winding Pocket Watch 70's. wanna sell it?? please email me